home school day one

Today was my first day of homeschool. first we had A assembly i joined to the call but sadly it was all glitchy so it was canceled. After that we had role call and then we learnt about history of electricity. Then we has a recess during that time I made cookies. After we had DTE which was really fun. Before lunch we had french and drama which was a little different to normal but just as fun. During lunch me and my other house captain had a meeting whilst i ate my lunch. After lunch we had double english we wrote about our holidays and how to behave during online school. after school i went for a run as my exercise wit my dog.

commenting guidelines

I think comment 1 is the least helpful because it is very random bad spelling and slang.

number 6 is 2nd least helpful its really off topic and bad punctuation.

number 4 is the 3rd least helpful because even though is had good spelling it was still of topic.

number 8 is the 4th least helpful because it is not really related to the comment even though the comment is very good spelling.

number 7 is 5th least helpful because even though it is good spelling and not radome it is just to short.

number 5 is the 6th least helpful Because in the comment there are no questions unlike 2 and 3.

number 3 is the 7th least helpful because there are no pararaghs even though there are questions it isn’t as good as 2.

number 2 is the Best comment because it is easy to read and it has no spelling mistakes.

country of focus

This is the Chinese flag.

2. China is part of the continent of Asia.

3. The capital city of China is Beijing.

4. China is part of the Northern and East hemisphere.

5. Last measured there where 1.398 billion people in China.

6. China’s main language is Mandarin. There are other languages spoken as well for example they speak Cantonese and English in Hong Kong, there are over 302  different languages spoken in China.

7. China’s currency is called Renminbi and Yuan, which is 0.20 percent of the Australian dollar.

8. China and Australia are big trading partners, Australia is Chinas 6th biggest trading partner.

9. Did you know that China’s main sport is ping pong?

10. Some of China’s neighbouring countries are  North Korea – to the East, Russia –  to the North and India- to South West.